Hindu Wedding Cards

In this Indian Wedding Cards section, you’ll find the best of the Hindu Wedding Cards, designed to express the mood and traditions of each wedding! Hindu weddings are some of the most memorable events in Hindu culture. As with all aspects of Hinduism, Hindu marriage ceremonies and customs have a long, rich history that is embedded in Hindu Wedding Invitations.

Hindu Wedding Invitations showcase a range of impressive colors like Red/Maroon, Green/Mehendi, Yellow/Haldi and what not. Red considered as one of the most essential colors in Hindu culture, you will find a lot of Reds colored Invitations here, specially in combination with Haldi yellow color.

Themes in Hindu Wedding Cards:

There are a few themes, Hindu Wedding Invites can be divided in, such as

Floral Wedding Cards

Designs filled with Hindu Traditional Elements & Illustrations along with trendy floral patterns and designs resembling throughout the Invite.

Traditional Wedding Cards

Invitation Designs based on pure traditional themes which include Royal palaces/forts; Colorful images of Traditional bride & groom, Mehendi, Haldi, Reception celebrations and so on. Even Ganesha, Aum, Swastik, traditional wedding knot and more are included in colorful or line art illustrations with either screen printing, digital printing or gold foiled artwork.

Elegant Wedding Cards

These Elegant Wedding Cards are popular among couples who desire a simple/decent wedding and prefer minimalistic designs.

Peacock theme Wedding Cards

While still retaining the look and style of Hindu Wedding Invitations, these invitations feature beautiful peacock illustrations.

We have a wide range of Hindu Wedding Cards, so feel free to narrow down your search using the filter options.

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