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Our printing services complement and synergize our area of operation. Our printing services very much complement the innovative spirit which our wedding cards exhibit.  We continuously try to bring life to wedding cards through innovative printing styles. We have a wide range of collection in terms of wordings, fonts and logos from which you can choose your desired ones. Customized matters can also be provided in terms of wordings, fonts and logos.

We have the required infrastructure for various printing services such as Screen Printing, Leaf/Foil Printing, Die Embossing, Die Cutting and Multi Colour Offset Printing in English, Gujarati, Hindi or any other Languages. We have dedicated designing, printing, conversion and handmade paper units. All the departments consist of sophisticated printing equipments, computers and related facilities. The sophisticated equipments are aided by experienced designers who are proficient in computer related design software's.

In order to provide you  error free printing services, we have established a proof procedure in which the designed matter is sent to you in JPEG/GIF format. On the basis of your feedback/alterations/suggestions, corrected JPEG/GIF is sent again for finalization. Once the proof is finalized, job goes for printing. Cards are screen printed in high quality with full proof procedure for quality check.

For Wedding Wordings Click here

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In Invitations, normally we select appropriate fonts for your card. Though if you do not like font style, we can change it according to your selection. If you want the design in a particular font, you can tell us the name of the font, or send us font file as an attachment, we can design accordingly.

For any questions, regarding this, please mail us at

Printing Charges are Rs. 2500 (0.00) for single invitation cards, Rs. 2500 (0.00) for Hindu, Sikh, Muslim & Christian wedding cards (2 inserts), Rs. 3500 (0.00) for Padded (Heavy Weight) Wedding Cards (2 inserts) and Rs. 3500 (0.00) for Royal Scroll Wedding Invitations. For quantity more than 100 pieces, you can calculate the printing charges by using COST CALCULATOR under each design.

"Our vast library of designs in aspect of fonts, wordings and symbols leave you mesmerized."

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